Brooksville Girls Softball
Brooksville HYL Girls Softball (See below for X-Play rules)
Tom Varn Park 306 Darby Ln, Brooksville, FL 34601 

a. Time limit: Angels are 1-½ hours or 5 innings, Ponytails are 1-½ hours or 6 innings. The Belles are 1 hour 45 minutes or 7 innings. No new inning should be started if there is 5 minutes or less time left to the time limit.  If the time limit is reached and the home team is ahead for insurance and liability purposes that game will end once: the visitors have completed their at bats, an inning has just ended or while the home team is ahead in the bottom half of their inning and time has run out (umpires will allow an at bat to be completed). No new inning shall be started once the time limit is up.
b. Run Rule: The run rule in the Angels division is when it is mathematically impossible to come back the game ends because there is a ten batter rule. After 10 batters have had their at bat the inning will end any base-runners on base at that time shall only advance two bases if the the batter is walked. If a Ponytails team has a ten run lead after the completion of the 4th  (for Belles its 5th ) inning or if the home team has a ten run lead after completion of the top half of the 4th (for Belles it’s the 5th) inning that game shall end. For insurance and liability purposes no umpire shall continue to officiate a game if the run rule has been established. 
c. Stealing: See the X-Play rules listed below detailing stealing rules. If a runner(s) are on their respective bases and the ball has been returned to the pitcher when the pitcher is the circle all play ends. Any frozen runner(s) off the base or a runner off a base playing a cat and mouse game while the pitcher is in the circle with the ball shall be called out for challenging the pitcher.
d. Coaches warming up a pitcher: No coach or player will warm up a pitcher without protective headgear.
e. Ties: If the game is tied after regulation time the Texas tiebreaker is in effect. Last out is put on second with two outs, each team gets one chance to finish the game and that’s it
f. In ALL Divisions runners MUST slide if there is a PLAY on.